Two Day Intuitive Defensive Shooting Course

Intuitive defensive shooting 4About the Course

The two-day intuitive defensive shooting course (Powered by the Combat Focus Shooting Program) will cover combat accuracy, the balance of speed and precision, figure 8 drill, shooting in motion, sighted and unsighted fire, reloading, multiple target engagement, presentation from the holster, recoil management during sustained fire, an introduction to the understanding the body’s natural reactions during a chaotic and unknown incident, understanding the integration of lateral movement and the majority of intuitive defensive shooting concepts.


This course will provide the student with an understanding of true counter ambush training with a defensive firearm, with numerous repetitions to establish efficient defensive shooting concepts. After this course, you will be able to take what you’ve learned and spend time training on your own.


Items needed for the course are a quality holster, 3 magazines, magazine carrier if you use one, clothing in line with outdoor weather, 1,000 t0 1,200 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee is $375.00.

Class Dates

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Class Schedule

Phone Number: 507-330-3909