I had the opportunity to attend MN FTA training about two weeks ago.  I come from a very high degree of training, employment experiences, and work in the industry as an instructor too.  There’s no substitute for good training: especially if you carry a firearm as a CCW holder or even for your job.  Jeff does a fantastic job with all levels of experience.  The feedback, the personal and individual shooting diagnosis, understanding the human body under a critical and dynamic encounter: challenging course but well worth it.  If you’re on the fence about cost, I will tell you right now that the class I attended is easily $225.-$300 per day on the training circuit, that’s not the case with MN FTA.  There is no price for quality training.  Jeff brings a high level of experience, I encourage you attend and be coached.  Aaron July 2017.

MN FTA delivers a superior training in a class all by itself.  Why?  First and foremost because it is hands ON instruction.  Yes, you will shoot your firearm A LOT.  This training is well executed by Jeff giving you the fundamentals and manipulations for safely and effectively performing in a conceal carry circumstance.  His context examines real life situations and eliminates any false information you may have received.  Offering a mixture of lecture and range sessions gave me the tools necessary to be a responsible conceal and carry permit holder.  First class training like this should be mandatory, not optional.  Tasha March 2015.

I’ve been through a lot of training military and law enforcement. This was by far the best hands on and knowledgeable class I’ve been through. Jeff is a top-notch instructor and I as well as my wife look forward to taking another class with him.  Tim June 2016

I just took the defensive carry class this weekend with Jeff and found it to be very informational and beneficial.  I feel that for a beginner he made me feel comfortable and confident with a handgun in just a short period of time.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to either get their permit to carry, or just looking for basic beginner’s defensive gun training.  Dustin October 2014.

Thanks for the great training Jeff! Great experience, challenging, and well worth the tire feet!! I will be back for more, and I am sure that you will also be seeing more of the women from The Well-Armed Women!!  Pam October 2016.

My son and I took this course recently.  Awesome job, Jeff did a great job from the beginning to the end.  Jeff was a true coach and trainer.  Anyone interested in learning how to properly use a handgun, this is the course for you.  Thanks Jeff.  Tony October 2014.

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