Introduction to Home Defense Handguns

“Ex-boyfriend arrested for entering his ex-girlfriend’s home unannounced and is charged with stalking after being located several houses away by police”. —Faribault MN Nov 23 2014.
A man sleeping on a sofa told police he heard a knock on the door about 4 or 5am, but when he didn’t answer, he saw four men enter the home without permission. When the man began to get up from the sofa, a suspect reportedly pointed a gun at him and ordered him not to get up”. —LeCenter MN

About this Course

The same types of incidents that are similar to the above, happen all the time.  Police cannot get there fast enough to stop these invasions from happening.  Which is the reason why it is so important to take some personal responsibility in defending yourself or your loved ones in the event you’d need to.  Taking this course will provide an introduction to defending yourself in your home with a handgun.

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What we cover in this 4-hour course:
  1. Introduced to the fundamentals of defensive shooting.
  2. Reloading
  3. Stance
  4. Grip
  5. Recoil Management
  6. Sighted and un-sighted fire
  7. Handgun recommendations 
  8. Develop competency in shooting skills related to defense in the home.
  9. Storage of the firearm
  10. 5 step home defense plans
  11. Interacting with law enforcement.


Handgun and Magazines can be provided at no additional cost, you just have to provide the required 250 rounds for the course.  If you have a handgun, you are encouraged to use it.

Fee/Class Location

Registration Fee is 85.00 dollars.
This is an outdoor training course so attire should match the weather conditions.
The course takes approximately 4 hours.  The training location is the Faribault Rifle and Pistol Club (17324 Lake Ave, Kilkenny MN 56052).

Class Schedule

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Class Schedule

Phone Number: 507-330-3909