Fundamentals of Conceal Carry Course

“Police say one of the women told the men that they did not have money. The suspect punched her in the face and shoved a handgun to her head” Jordan MN, February 2014
“A 32-year-old St Cloud woman was approached by a male gunman who flashed a handgun” December 2013

The above incidents are in the news far too often, and the need for us to be able to protect ourselves before the police arrive is of the utmost importance. MN Firearms Training Academy’s Conceal Carry Course meets the MN BCA standards to apply for your carry permit.

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About the Conceal Carry Class

The fundamentals of conceal carry class covers
use of force – justifiable taking of life – self-defense – regulation regarding carrying a firearm – body’s natural reactions under stress – holster selection – handgun choice – speaking with police before and after an incident – several other topics


You will get training on the efficient use of a handgun under the worst case scenario while carrying concealed. You will fire approximately 250 rounds of ammunition addressing grip, stance, high compressed ready position, lateral movement, reloading, recoil management, multiple target engagement, sighted and unsigned fire and presenting from a holster. The lecture blocks are covered in an online training format. Once the lecture modules are completed, students can attend the range session.



Handguns and holsters can be provided at no additional cost, the student must provide the ammunition for the course. Items needed are 250 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, water, clothing suitable for outdoor weather conditions. If you have a firearm, you will need a holster (quality holster) and at least two magazines.

Fee/Class Location

Registration fee for the Indoor course is 150.00.  Registration fee  for the Outdoor course is $120.00. The course takes approximately 4 hours at the range. The training location for the indoor course is 118 NW 3rd St, Faribault MN (Rice County Law Enforcement Center).  The Outdoor course is the Faribault Rifle and Pistol club (17324 Lake Ave., Kilkenny, MN 56052).

Class Schedule

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Class Schedule

Phone Number: 507-330-3909