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Jeff is the owner of MN Firearms Training Academy. He is a licensed peace officer with 22 years of experience with 20 of those years training other members of his department in the use of firearms. He also has 13 years’ experience in combative training.

Jeff started teaching the combat focus shooting program in 2009. During this time, he has furthered his knowledge of defensive firearms training by attending instructor conferences within the combat focus shooting program, entangled shooting classes, laws of self-defense instructor, and still continues to train his coworkers.
There are several reasons why he teaches and believes in the intuitive defensive shooting courses. First, every concept, principle, and technique he teaches has a specific reason. Secondly, he prefers to teach techniques that work well with what the body is going to do naturally in an ambush. Third, he answers the “why” question when it is brought up in class. You will not hear Jeff say, “just do what I told you to do”. He will give you a real answer based on science, logic or reason.

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Phone Number: 507-330-3909
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