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"When the time to perform has come, the time to prepare has passed."

Concealed Carry

The Fundamentals of Conceal Carry Class not only cover the use of force, justifiable taking of life, self-defense, regulation regarding carrying a firearm, body's natural reactions under stress, holster selection, handgun choice, speaking with police before and after an incident, and several other topics.

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Home Defense Handguns

It is so important to take some personal responsibility in defending yourself or your loved ones in the event you’d need to. Taking Introduction to Home Defense Handguns course will provide an introduction to defending yourself in your home with a handgun.

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Intuitive Defensive Shooting

The One Day Intuitive Defensive Shooting Course and Two Day Intuitive Defensive Shooting Courses will cover combat accuracy, the balance of speed and precision, sighted and unsighted fire....

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Class Schedules / General Information

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About Our Instructor

Concept, Principle, Technique

Jeff is the owner/instructor of MN Firearms Training Academy. He is a licensed peace officer with 19 years of experience with 16 of those years training other members of his department in the use of firearms.

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Video Classroom Training

Our classroom instruction is available for our students to view, study, review and qualify online. Additionally, we list optional video resources to help our students advance their defensive handgun skills. Click the video link and sample our course instruction.

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